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Calling a landscape contractor is about as much fun as a root canal unless you do your homework. Many landscapers are just what I call “order takers”. The “order takers” want to give you a bid on what YOU ask for but they can’t produce a professionally drawn landscape plan. Most landscapers in New Mexico are masons that also know where to buy plants but they are not Landscape Designers. Just ask them what a "Zauchneria Garrettii” is and you’ll see what I mean.

Let’s say that you wade thru the landscapers that at least try to produce designs. The next issue is the realization that now you have a three designs with three different bids. If you love one plan but don’t love the contractor or their price, you have a problem. Needless to say the contractor will not let you use their plan and give it to the contractor that you liked. You need a professionally drawn plan that you OWN so you can either put the plan out for bids and compare “apples for apples” or even do part or all of it yourself!

All of this brings me to my version of semi-retirement. After 35 years of designing and installing landscapes. My new venture is that of an “independent designer” that produces a plan that you purchase and you own the intellectual property. Now you can compare “Apples for Apples”.  We also can use my 35 years of contracting experience to help you understand where you can make cuts that the contractor may not want to show you. This kind of information alone can save you more than you paid for the plan!

I no longer install landscapes BUT I can refer you to my qualified subcontractors if you don’t have any landscapers that you want to bid on your project and you’re welcome to have them bid against your guys.

Do it once and do it right…start with a plan.


Who am I?

My name is Mike Dooley I’m the owner/designer of Dooley Landscape Designs.

I first went into business in Texas on April Fool’s Day 1981 with my last sales commission check and an old pick-up truck.


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