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Who are we?

My name is Mike Dooley I’m the owner/designer of Dooley Landscape Designs.

I first went into business in Texas on April Fool’s Day 1981 with my last sales commission check and an old pick-up truck. more...

How do we work?

Although I wear many hats as a businessman. I am above all a DESIGNER. Colorful but simple residential landscape designs are the basis of all that we do. The really cool thing about good design is that it cost nothing extra.  more...

Bet you didn't know this.

Most landscape contractors in New Mexico are NOT landscape designers, they’re masons that know where to buy plants. More..



Pavers are the landscape “fashion statement” in the modern landscape. Yes, they cost more than grey concrete, but if properly installed they will last much longer.

  • Many times they can be installed “over the top” of existing patios.
  • Pavers will not crack like concrete because, as I love to say, “They are all cracks”.
  • Pavers withstand the “freeze thaw cycle” because they are not ridged like concrete.
  • Pavers come in many styles and colors and are much more beautiful than fancy colored concrete which can look artificial.